Season 2014/15 Patrol Rosters

C patrol

That’s right, patrols have started for season 2014/15. Patrol Roster The link above details patrol membership and rostered dates but excludes member contact information. A copy of the roster with contact information has been emailed to you or is available … Continue reading

Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting was held on 4th August 2014. Board of Management for 2014/15 – President: Mark Strachan, Vice-President: Mark Williams, Treasurer: Graham Burfield, Secretary: Rob McBride , Club Captain: Ashlee Rebuli , Vice-Captain: Maddy McBride , Junior Coordinator: … Continue reading



Somerton SLSC are proud to announce STONECRAFT IMPORTS as the Club’s PLATINUM naming rights sponsor for 2014/15.

STONECRAFT IMPORTS is the premium supplier of pavers, stone, slate and related products in Adelaide, South Australia

Let STONECRAFT IMPORTS guide you through our comprehensive range of home improvement products, pebbles, slabs, bamboo, travertine, granite, slate products & sandstone.

Landscaping is one of the best most effective ways to improve the character of your home. Pavers can transform your yard quickly and economically to provide years and years of safety and pleasure for the whole family. Talk to STONECRAFT IMPORTS about your project. Bring in plans, sketches and photos and they will advise on what paver options are available to you.

Providing expert advice to DIY home owners or commercial building projects, large or small, STONECRAFT IMPORTS have one of the biggest centres in the Outdoor Home Improvements Industry in Adelaide for pavers, stone, slate products and other types of flooring and wall solutions.


Swimming Returns to Westminster

Open Water Swim

Swimming for Somerton members will recommence at Westminster school pool from next week on Tuesday 20 May. The answers to most of your questions are: Days: Tuesday and Thursday Times: 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Cost: $2 per person under 13, $3 … Continue reading